Salvage Goods

Re-Purposing Junk Yard Seat Belts into Beautiful Purposeful Accessories

SALVAGE-noun sal·vage \ˈsal-vij\

The saving or rescuing of condemned, discarded, or abandoned property, and of materials contained therein for use or fabrication.

The Salvage Collection of furniture, messenger bags, purses, wallets and other items are made from recycled seat belts, air bags, and buckles. By combining a nearly unlimited supply of industrial grade material  with an artistically meticulous process, the Salvage Collection is functional, stylish, and made to last.


Nashville artist Clay Bush studied fiber arts at the Appalachian Center for Craft where he learned countless techniques in fabric and textile printing and manipulation.  After years of apprenticing at upholstery shops, this traditional craft became his chosen avenue to apply form to function.  Bush began applying the skills of the upholstery trade in creative ways, most notably with the use of an industrial sewing machine.  While visiting a junkyard looking for car parts, he realized the design potential in the vivid array of seat belt colors from vehicles dating back to the late 70's to the present. In 2012, he merged this discovery with his upholstery expertise to create Salvage: Upholstery and Design.